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Board Member Onboarding

  • History of PCIC Organization

    PCIC has been developing and providing innovative approaches to Care Coordination, Population Health and Health Information Technology. Click here to see how we evolved over the years, and the history of our parent organization – Healthcare for Special Populations.

    Organizational Staffing Structure

    PCIC's organizational staffing structure is shown below. Learn more about our teams here.

    Organization structure

    Work Culture Model

    Culture Of Innovation

    At PCIC we believe that “Innovation” is at the heart of our culture – from the efforts of the intervention team, figuring out ways of engaging patients and meeting their complex care needs, to the technology team developing solutions for better continuity of care through data analysis and software development, to the research team evaluating the effectiveness of these efforts.

    We follow a model of holacracy to bring structure and discipline to a peer-to-peer workplace.

    The five divisions at PCIC: Administration, Business Development, Technology, Intervention and Population Health Research, follows this model, as depicted in the visual below.

    Each division works in a peer-to-peer model and interfaces with each other in a collaborative manner.

    Read more about it here.
  • Board Roster & Roles

    Name Role Organization Email
    David S. Buck, MD, MPH Chair Baylor College of Medicine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    David Finn Vice Chair Symantec Corporation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Richard Lee Treasurer Community Health Choice This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Nathalie Folch, MD, MPH Secretary Self-Employed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Susan MacDonald Member Self-Employed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Learn more about each board member here.

    Board Member Duties Pledge (Please Sign & Return)

    Extract from Board Member Service Commitment Pledge form is shown below:

    As part of my responsibilities as a board member:

    • I will interpret the organization's work and values to the community, represent the organization, and act as an ambassador.
    • I will attend at least 75% of board meetings, including committees I am assigned to.
    • I will RSVP my attendance for board meetings or board committee meetings at least one day in advance to either the board president (for board meetings) or the committee chair (for committees to which I am assigned.)
    • Each year I will make a personal financial contribution to enhance our ability to obtain grants.
    • I will act in the best interests of the organization, and excuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest.
    • I will stay informed about the activities and current issues at PCIC. I will ask questions and request information. I will participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other board matters.
    • I will work in good faith with staff and other board members as partners towards achievement of our goals.
    • I will serve on a minimum of one Board committee if requested.

    In turn, PCIC will be responsible to me in several ways:

    • I will be sent an agenda and materials seven days prior to the board meeting.
    • An orientation will be provided for me during open hours of operation so that I can witness and participate, as appropriate. I will also be able to discuss with the staff and the board president, the internal programs, goals, activities, and status; additionally, I can request such opportunities. I understand that I will need to sign a client confidentiality form and the client observed need to sign a permission of client release form.
    • The organization will help me perform my duties by keeping me informed about issues addressing financial/ economic challenges, and other challenges for area families. Also, I will be offered opportunities for professional development as a board member.
    • Board members and staff will respond in a straightforward fashion to questions that I feel are necessary to carry out my fiscal, legal and moral responsibilities to this organization. Board members and staff will work in good faith with me towards achievement of our goals.
    • If the organization does not fulfill its commitments to me, I can call on the board president and senior staff to discuss the organization's responsibilities with me.

    Conflict of Interest Form (Please Sign & Return)

    This annual questionnaire must be completed and signed by our directors, officers, key employees, and other persons with substantial influence over financial decisions in accordance with the Conflicts of Interest Policy. The responses include not only a description of relationships that could result in reportable transactions, but also the amount(s,) if any occurred.

    Board Meeting Calendar

    Jan 10 2017

    January's Board Meeting

    Feb 24 2017

    February’s Board Meeting

    Mar 24 2017

    March's Board Meeting

    Apr 21 2017

    April's Board Meeting

    May 19 2017

    May's Board Meeting

  • Client Outcomes

    Care Coordination & Client Outcomes PCIC’s care coordination team consists of social workers, paramedics, community health workers, and a doctor assigned to all clients. Clients are identified through data collected from multiple systems. The determination is based on certain criteria, including 10+ emergency room visits and/or 4+ admissions in the last year. The clients are diagnosed with at least two chronic conditions, which can include substance abuse and mental health challenges. The team works with 15 clients at any given time. Each client is unique in identified challenges, but the intervention goals are the same for everyone, lower emergency room visits and hospital admissions, lower total healthcare costs, and improve quality of life. Outcomes from our last pre-post analysis are shown below.


    clients intervened


    clients graduated


    active clients


    % reduced ER visits


    % reduced costs

    Read more about our care coordination program here.

    Information Technology

    PCIC’s Information Technology division focuses on four main areas:

    • Data and Analysis
    • Dashboard development
    • Software Development
    • DevOps and Infrastructure Maintenance

    Technology Infrastructure

    Read more about our care coordination program here.

    Analytics & Dashboards

    The development of dashboards is a key to the PCIC intervention. Data will be received from multiple systems in a secure manner and will be integrated into data-cleanup workflows, data blending and merging into the Master Client Index (MCI). There workflows are semi-automated with Alteryx, SQL scripts and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages.

    Once the data is imported into the MCI, dashboards are created based on the problem being solved. These may be overlap analysis dashboards across multiple systems, or a system specific dashboard. Access control policies are applied against the data and the dashboards, so that just the relevant user have access to the views.
    Read more about it here.

    Dashboard Development
  • Grant & Contract Funding

    D & O Liability Insurance Policy

  • Board Yammer

    Connect to PCIC's Yammer group (External) - We use Yammer as our main platform for all announcments and board activities.


    We have revamped our website as part of our re-branding efforts and moved to a Content Management System. Please take a moment to explore our website.

    PCIC websites's sitemap

    Social Media

    We are actively working towards improving our footprint on social media. Follow us on these platforms -

    Follow us on Facebook
    Follow us on LinkedIn
    Follow us on Google+
    Follow us on YouTube


    As part of our re-branding efforts we have started publishing our monthly newsletter, starting March 2017. Please see all editions here.
  • List of Partners

    We are looking to partner with all agencies that work with Super-users. Our current partners Include:

    Houston Methodist Hospital
    Houston Methodist Hospital
    Molina Healthcare
    Molina Healthcare
    United Healthcare
    United Healthcare
    JSA Telehealth
    JSA Telehealth
    Memorial Hermann Health System
    Memorial Hermann Health System
    CHI St. Luke's Health
    CHI St. Luke's Health
    Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
    Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
    Legacy Community Health
    Legacy Community Health
    Houston Food Bank
    Houston Food Bank
    Community Health Choice
    Community Health Choice
    City of Houston
    City of Houston
    Houston Fire Department
    Houston Fire Department
    Houston Police Department
    Houston Police Department
    Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston
    Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston
    Harris Health System
    Harris Health System
    Houston Recovery Center
    Houston Recovery Center (Sobriety Center)
    The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
    The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
    Greater Houston HealthConnect
    Greater Houston HealthConnect
    Coalition for the Homeless
    Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County
  • Articles of Incorporation

    Certificate of filing HCSP


    DBA Document

    Name change from HCSP to Primary Care Innovation Center

    DBA Document

    Name change from Primary Care Innovation Center to Patient Care Intervention Center

    Non-Disclosure Agreement (Please Sign & Return)

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At PCIC we envision a coordinated health safety-net where all stakeholders share data to make better decisions.

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To improve healthcare quality and costs for the vulnerable in our community through data integration and care coordination.

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