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clients intervened


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% reduced ER visits


% reduced costs

This is a partial view of savings to a handful of hospital systems. A more in-depth analysis is required by performing overlaps across multiple system to identify global cost saving to the community.
A detailed analysis of the last 91 clients that PCIC reported on, is shown below:

Improvement in the quality of life

Average improvement in the quality of life (91 clients): 7 point increase (16%)

(Measured using the DLA-20 assessment scale. A 3-point increase is considered to be substantial)
Quality of Life Improvement is an outcome measure tracked monthly using a tool called the DLA-20 (Daily Living Assessment).

12 Month Aggregated ED and Admit Visit Counts and Costs (18 clients)

12 Month Aggregated ED & Admit Visit Counts and Costs (91 clients)

A 54% reduction in the number of visits is observed when performing a 12 month pre and post analysis.
A 52% reduction in cost is observed when performing a 12 month pre and post analysis.

Visit and cost distribution

Visit and cost distribution correlated against PCIC time spent with 91 clients

This visual shows a month by month breakdown of cost, visits and PCIC time spent, before and after starting the PCIC intervention, of all 91 clients.
A clear correlation can be seen in the reducton of visits and cost to the stakeholder systems as the PCIC intervention progresses.

PCIC Coordination Services Breakdown

Total time spent by type of visits (91 clients)

A total of 2732 hours was spent by PCIC on these 91 clients. The aggregated breakdown is as shown in the image.

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At PCIC we envision a coordinated health safety-net where all stakeholders share data to make better decisions.

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To improve healthcare quality and costs for the vulnerable in our community through data integration and care coordination.

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