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StreetEMR - Care Coordination

PCIC's Intervention Data Tracking Platform is built on top of StreetEMR, a secure web based Electronic Medical Record System. The application is custom built to handle the patient intervention workflow and data collection needs at PCIC. All patient tracking information is stored in StreetEMR. The application is designed to be mobile/tablet friendly, and has software development improvements made to it on an ongoing basis to improve usability, performance and new features.

As part of this Community Health Council initiative, the functionality of StreetEMR will be expanded to include tracking of additional data point and the development of new dashboards specific to the use cases and requirements of the Health Council. A summary of the current functionality of StreetEMR is displayed below.

Records Maintenance
Quick Search
Advanced Search
Grid View
Patient Specific Data Collection
Enrollment Information (Care Coordination related)
Visit Specific Data
General visit information
Diagnoses information
Care management tracking
Care plans
Tracking Forms
Basic Document Management System
History Views

Data points being tracked

Data tracking points

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At PCIC we envision a coordinated health safety-net where all stakeholders share data to make better decisions.

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To improve healthcare quality and costs for the vulnerable in our community through data integration and care coordination.

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