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Telemedicine made easy.

CallTracker.NET is a light weighted web application that makes requesting and managing patient sessions fast and efficient. The application provides role based user interface that allows users to create new patient sessions, edit existing patient sessions, and audit completed sessions. It also integrates workflow management and notification function to make team collaboration easy, transparent, and trackable.

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Key Features

  • Web based secure application – A secure web application that runs on port 443 over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Optionally Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled for added security.
  • Role based access – Supports access to administrators, application users as well as external stakeholder agencies.
  • Call Management – Assists in seamless management of the life cycle of a telemedicine session, from session request/create, patient management, session status change, workflow management, session completion to case review and case audit.
  • Integrated workflow management – A built-in workflow visualization tool to guide doctors complete each step required for a patient session.
  • Schedule reminders and notifications – Capable of sending out customized email, text or voice notifications.
  • Click-to-call patient function – Allows doctors to call patients directly from the web.
  • Data analysis with dashboards and reports – Pre-built dashboards and reports for different roles, providing easy access to data and insights.

Elizabeth Bello

The team at PCIC have provided essential design and implementation support as we created data tools to evaluate our clinical and operational work flow. They suggested appropriate modifications to our general operational metrics design to ensure scalability, reporting, and a useful platform for business analysis. The dashboards they created with our input are easy to navigate and display data analytics that are intuitive and conducive to discussion for our internal and external colleagues.

Overall, PCIC has worked collaboratively with all of us as part of our team, as well as providing an important and objective consultant perspective. Their contributions allow us to improve our business and most importantly, enhance patient care.

Elizabeth Bello Chief Quality Officer - JSA Health Telepsychiatry

For more information regarding CallTracker.NET, please contact us.

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At PCIC we envision a coordinated health safety-net where all stakeholders share data to make better decisions.

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To improve healthcare quality and costs for the vulnerable in our community through data integration and care coordination.

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