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Another explanation for frequent ER visits: Somatic Complaints

Most PCIC clients have lived through traumatic experiences or are burdened with stressful situations and environments. Add these factors to their multiple complex illnesses. Unfortunately, some mental illnesses are better addressed outside of the Emergency Room. We teach our clients to recognize the importance of mental health and how it can affect physical well-being, and we encourage them to seek help if needed.


Securing Computer Systems: 3 Ways to Authenticate your Systems

Computer security is the act of protecting computer systems from theft or damage to hardware, software or information, and disruption or misdirection of their services. Many systems are under constant threat of hacking, ranging from individual mobile phones to large establishments. In this post, we will focus on one of the methods used to protect sensitive data – Authentication.


3 Anti-Anxiety Tips for our Patients that can also help you!

PCIC works with clients who often have multiple unmanaged chronic physical illnesses, as Andy explained in a previous blog post. Oftentimes, these chronic physical illnesses are also linked to mental health conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. To easily see the correlation between the two, let’s take a recent example from one of our clients:


Breaking Barriers: A glimpse of the DevOps culture at PCIC

What is DevOps? It's what started as a buzzword and quickly transformed into a movement. DevOps is the union of development and operation teams at every step of the work cycle. DevOps originated as a means to break down walls that hinder production. Previously, software development teams would work separate from operations teams. This allowed for issues with long deployment cycles and inflexibility. Now with the merge of development and operations, it has evolved into a culture promoting collaboration and autonomy.


Beyond the Diagnosis

Imagine being so sick that you visit the emergency room at least ten times or are admitted to a hospital at least four times within a single year. This extreme utilization, combined with at least two chronic health conditions, meets the eligibility requirements for PCIC’s intensive case management program. However, many of our clients far exceed these requirements.


User experience (UX) driven technology development in care coordination

Back in 2004, I started working on a project to build the first web based electronic medical record system in the country, with Jim Turley, RN, PhD – an amazing bioinformatics expert and Dr. Buck (David) – who was then the President at HealthCare for the Homeless - Houston. This was part of my graduate school thesis work, trying to figure out workflow models and data entry flows that worked best for street outreach.


Welcoming our newest PCIC care coordinator!

Dear Friends and Supporters of PCIC:

We'd like to welcome our newest PCIC care coordinator, Chris Dammel. Chris is a firefighter with the Houston Fire Department, and has served his community for ten years. He heard about PCIC from current care coordinators, Eric Lobpries and Karen Dupont. Although he's only been with us for a month, he has some great insight about our organization's vision and goals with the clients.


PCIC Updates - Phase 1 Conclusion

Dear friends and supporters of PCIC:

We wanted to share with you our news as we conclude Phase I. The project is moving into Phase II thanks to YOU, our collaborators, stakeholders and funders.


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At PCIC we envision a coordinated health safety-net where all stakeholders share data to make better decisions.

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To improve healthcare quality and costs for the vulnerable in our community through data integration and care coordination.

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